Press Release - March 2007

ICONGO launches with RIGHT every WRONG Movement

Advocates Citizen’s Social Responsibility (CSR)

 Delhi, 21st  February 2007:  iCONGO and the Khemka Foundation announced the launch of the RIGHT every WRONG SOCIAL JUSTICE & ACTION Conclave and Karmaveer Puraskaar at a Media Conference in the city today.

iCONGO or the Indian Confederation of NGOs is a unique initiative created to establish credibility of the NGO sector through a strict adherence to the norms of  accountability and transparency. Member NGOs - national and international, work with various communities, issues and causes. Formed on the lines of the various other industry bodies such as CII, FICCI, NASSCOM, etc. ICONGO, as the name suggests provides a platform for the NGO sector that till date did not have a body representing the sector. 

iCONGO is promoting the concept of self reliance and empowerment  within the NGO sector by exploring various business models to promote social entrepreneurship. The 4 pronged charter and vision of iCONGO (Training & empowerment, policy influencing & lobbying, innovation entrepreneurship & consultancy, fundraising, campaigning & outreach) is based on the successful experimentation of the founders and members be it with training, building a citizen movement and supporter lobby by sensitisation through mainstream media campaigns. The idea is to promote sustainable giving.

iCONGO ambassadors, Nafisa Ali, Geeta Chandran and Syed Kirmani were present at the Conference. The child ambassadors for iCONGO- Diwakar, Benzy, Aradhna were also present. Speaking on the occasion, Jeroninio Almeida, Founder and Chief Volunteer, iCONGO said, “It’s time we start to look at Citizen Social Responsibility. Levelling criticism at others or being apathetic will not achieve anything. A lot can be accomplished through public opinion and action. People or citizen power was reflected in the recent judgements in the Jessica Lall and Priyadarshini Mattoo case. There is hope. What we need to do is take a stand. Each and everyone of us can make a difference.”

iCongo announced the launch of its Right every Wrong Movement. The RIGHT every WRONG (REW) movement is divided into 4 parts:

  1. The Conclave: Where noble leaders of opinion like you shall share perspectives to promote citizen movement and action and get people proactively involved with the cause.
  2. The Awards: Wherein we shall recognise The Noble Laureates who have taken stands, spoken out and led change by being proactively involved to make a difference for various social causes.
  3. The Campaign: A high profile media promoted campaign where we shall ask fellow Indians to come together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG  by taking active stands and wearing the transparent band by signing up as a REW member.
  4. The Omega Rating (TOR):  Pre screening and accrediting small but effective, efficient, transparent and accountable charities who are effectively working to make a change at grassroots level with minimal administration cost.

The Conclave:

iCONGO and the Khemka Foundation are launching the RIGHT every WRONG Social Justice and Action Conclave & Karmaveer Puraskaar on 9th and 10th March ‘07, at ‘Satyagrah Mandap’, Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat. The Conclave has been initiated in partnership with TISS, BCC& I, NASSCOM, PHDCCI, Open Space, Centre for Media Studies, NECCI, FISME, Retailers Association of India, AIESEC, MERCER and Grant Thornton and other civil society organisations to build a people’s movements and come together as ONE to RIGHTevery WRONG.

Envisaged as an annual initiative, the Conclave will include awards, campaign against social wrongs and establish NGO certification and rating. It will provide a platform for organisations, institutions and citizens to discuss problems and issues afflicting the society and look at finding the right solutions. The Conclave will also showcase and recognize Best Case Practices across sectors.

The genesis of RIGHT every WRONG Social Justice and Action Conclave lay in re-examining the concept of CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility to CITIZEN SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The RIGHT every WRONG Social Justice & Action Conclave is an attempt by the people and associations from all sectors to bridge the gaps and share the socio-economic developmental challenges and opportunities with business leaders, government officials, social entrepreneurs, national policy makers, civic organizations and academicians.

The Conclave objectives:

1. To sensitise citizens about social issues.
2. Create citizen involvement to drive social action for building a just, humane and responsible society
3. Promote the idea that social action is 'fun' and win-win: 'rewarding'. (Karmaveer Pursakar)!
4. To share and disseminate information using The SOCIAL ACTION Conclave platform to mainstream and simplify social issues in the public domain and create citizen involvement

The Conclave is a multi-sectoral platform representing diverse sectors and communities coming together as one to nurture this Public Private People Partnership. An integrated outreach and fundraising campaign has been devised to help enlist the participation of people in the RIGHTeveryWRONG movement.

The RighteveryWrong Conclave is about promoting “Philanthropy for social justice” where people do not just give a little money but practice social investment.
KARMAVEER PURASKAR- national awards for social justice and action are being instituted to recognise individuals who have been pivotal in effecting change beyond the call of their business.

The awards shall be given to individual for their contribution to promote social justice and action. The individuals shall be chosen from various sectors and in the first year the focus will be on people from government, businesses, SME’s and Media.

As a part of the REW campaign, Public Service Announcements films will be made involving celebrities, industrialists, sportspeople and Indian citizens urging people to wear a solidarity band, which in effect will become a symbol for advocating different causes.

The Omega Ratings:

In India various people want to support various causes but do not know which "NGO/charity" they can get involved with and trust. The Omega rating would address this by pre screening and accrediting small charities who are effectively working to make a change at grassroots level with minimal administration cost. Most of these charities shall be small organisations that people have never heard of as they do not waste the funds on big administration and marketing costs.

Additional Information

The vision and mission:

To find ways for people from Government, Corporates, Media, SMEs, Students and NGOs for working together as ONE to lead a change in societal thinking and RIGHTeveryWRONG.

There are over 1.2 million registered NGOs in India. Many of these are paper tigers or NGOs registered on paper with nothing to show for community development and often set-up purely with the motive of siphoning huge government funding and foreign aid. This is where fundraising from citizens becomes pivotal. NGOs also have a responsibility of involving citizens as their supporters in addressing social issues. The NGO sector has not been very transparent and accountable and instances of mismanagement of funds have been rife. iCONGO will facilitate a credible, transparent and accountable process between the donors and their charity of choice.

About  Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation

Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation is an Indian public charitable trust. The Foundation’s mission is to develop and promote institutions and initiatives that make a substantial impact on poverty, deprivation and disempowerment of the human and natural environment. The Foundation’s approach is one that is long-term, strategic and leveraged.

Believing that change can only be effected through multi-stakeholder collaboration both within India and internationally the Foundation is deeply committed to partnership and collaborative approaches.